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Pull Request Checklist

Pull Request Checklist

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·Sep 26, 2022·

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This is a list of steps to make sure that your project is ready to be deployed and to be get reviewed faster.

Be sure all dependencies units are installed.

Before you can start building your app, you need to make sure that all the dependencies are installed.

Dependencies are the libraries that your project uses (e.g., Vue,React and Jest). They're usually installed via npm or yarn.

NPM - If this is an npm module then it will be automatically installed during development when running npm install . If you want to use an npm package globally in another folder then run npm install --global . Don't forget to add this folder as one of your main directories for webpack so Webpack knows where its source code lives.

Yarn - You can also use yarn add instead of npm install if using Yarn instead of NPM/npm/nodejs.*

Be sure the readme file is completed with steps to run the project.

Make sure the readme file is completed with steps to run the project. It should be easy to follow and formatted properly. Include a link to any additional information about the project that you feel is important for someone reviewing your work, but don’t overload it with too much text.

Be sure all tasks are completed.

To ensure that your pull request will be accepted, you should make sure all the tasks have been completed.

Be sure that you tested everything that you built.

As you work through your code, it's important to make sure that you've tested everything that you built. Before submitting a pull request, go through all the features of your project and make sure they're working as expected. This can be done by just running unit tests on each feature or by testing out the feature in its entirety (for example, by opening up a browser).

Make sure that each scenario is covered: "I'm logged in" vs "I'm not logged in"; "I'm using Chrome" vs "I'm using Firefox"; etc.

Be sure that your code follows the naming convention

A naming convention is a convention (generally agreed scheme) for naming things

Be sure that there are no hardcoded colors, font sizes, or whitespace

Be sure that there is no unnecessary or commented code

Be sure that there is the documentation is up to date with the recently implemented or changed code

Be sure that all the corner cases are tested and covered

and now Your code is ready to be reviewed!

If you have additional tips that can help in getting the code reviewed faster please leave them below

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